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Belden 1855A Mini RG59 HDTV SDI/HD, Digital Video BNC Male Cable

Belden 1855A Mini RG59 HDTV SDI/HD, Digital Video BNC Male Cable

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This is a Custom Hand-made Belden 1855A high flex HD-SDI Video Cable with Kings 2065 Series male BNC terminations.

This is the highest quality/ production studio grade/ Low Loss Digital Coax Cable. Assembled with Belden 1855A Precision Mini RG59 Video Coax for HD-SDI HDTV and SDI Transmission and Kings 2065 Series BNC's.
Belden 1855A cable is Sweep Tested to 4.5GHz to conform to SMPTE 259M, 292M and 424M HDTV standards. Belden 1855A HD-SDI cables offer a lower profile and less weight.
Belden 1855A Technical Specs

The 2065 Series True 75 Ohm BNC connectors from Kings Electronics are ideal for Broadcast applications - meeting the industry's stringent HDTV standards. they are designed to terminate to the most commonly used coaxial cables in the broadcast industry.

Fits analog & digital cables
Meets or exceeds HDTV standards
Precision Video Cable for Analog and Digital, Broadcast, HDTV/SDI, HD-SDI
HD-SDI Video Transport between HD Cameras and outboard equipment
Meets or exceeds HDTV standards

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