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Belden 1694A SDI-HDTV, RG6 Digital Video BNC Male to Male Cable

Belden 1694A SDI-HDTV, RG6 Digital Video BNC Male to Male Cable

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Our Best Selling SDI-HD cable. This is one of the highest quality cables on the planet!! Belden 1694A cable is found in more professional and commercial installations then any other cable produced today.
This is a Custom Hand-made Belden 1694A 4.5 GHZ Digital SDI/HD RG6 Cable With Kings 2065 Series BNC Male Connectors and matching color stress boots. This cable is sweep tested to conform to SMPTE 259M, 292M and 424M standards. For Analog and Digital Applications.
18 AWG .040" solid bare copper conductor, gas-injected foam HDPE insulation, Duofoil and a 95% tinned copper braid shield, PVC jacket.
Belden 1694A cabling is known for its high-bandwidth capabilities. This cable is frequency swept up to 6 gigahertz, well in excess of 1080p high-definition requirements. Frequency sweeping is a measurement process that lets you know the capability of the cable. This amount of bandwidth exceeds conventional, single-shield RG6 by 4.5 gigahertz, with upgraded RG6 approaching 6 gigahertz. The Belden 1694A coaxial cable is considered broadcast-quality, with a relative cost that reflects the performance differences. This higher bandwidth is more suited to high-definition, or HD, digital broadcast services.

The 2065 Series True 75 Ohm BNC connectors from Kings Electronics are ideal for Broadcast applications - meeting the industry's stringent HDTV standards. they are designed to terminate to the most commonly used coaxial cables in the broadcast industry.
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This cable performs as well if not better than interconnect cables at 4 times the price. Guaranteed 100% sweep tested and new
I have other cable combinations and lengths available and can also custom make many more.