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Belden 1505F Superior Quality/ High Flex Studio Grade RCA Stereo Cables

Belden 1505F Superior Quality/ High Flex Studio Grade RCA Stereo Cables

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If you need the very best in a highly-flexible coaxial audio cable then look no further. This cable never fails to Amaze!!!!
Superior Quality Belden 1505F High Flex RCA to RCA Stereo Audio Interconnect cable. You get the pair. One left (white boot) and one right (red boot) This is a custom made cable using new Belden 1505F RG59 flexible cable and Canare RCAP Series terminations.

Belden 1505F is a highly-flexible precision coaxial cable with a stranded center conductor and double-braided shield. Its high bandwidth and tight impedance tolerance make it an excellent choice for analog and digital video applications. 1505F also adds superior EMI rejection properties with it double braided shielding.
The Canare RCAP Series RCA's are a true 75 Ohm 3 piece RCA crimp connector that utilizes Nickel/Brass construction with Gold center pin. It is The industry standard for studios and professional audio.
We test every cable before shipping and always offer easy returns within 30 days provided the cable is undamaged. Return Policy.
Belden 1505F Detailed Specs
*Exceptional long-term flexibility
*22 AWG stranded (7x29) bare compacted copper conductor
*95% coverage dual-layer tinned copper braid shield protects against interference
*Durable PVC outer jacket and gas-injected foam HDPE insulation
*75 ohm nominal impedance is ideal for audio and video

This cable performs as well if not better than interconnect cables at 4 times the price. Guaranteed 100% sweep tested and new
We have other cable combinations and lengths available and can also custom make many more.