We designed the frequently asked questions page to help with some general questions about the site and our cables. If you don't see your answer here, please feel free to send us a message through our contact page.


Q. When can I expect my order to ship?

A. We try to assemble and ship your order within 1-2 business days. This can be affected by heavier sales volume. Our system will update every step of the way with order confirmation, Shipping and tracking information.

Q. Do you make XLR cables and how much are they?

A. We do make and repair them for commercial customers. We will be introducing them to site by late Spring 2017. Prices will be competitive with the industry and will vary by size and type. Like most other cables on this site, We will assemble only a few types of XLR's. These will be ones we feel we can market the best to our customer.

Q. Do you sell more than what's on your site?

A. We try to list everything we have available at the time. Our site is growing weekly. We are adding new SDI Cables, Speaker cables and XLR's soon. If you don't see it, ask us.

Q. What's the difference in cable types for analog stereo audio?

A. We try to give some industry opinions on the differences in these cables on the cable pages. Certain cables sound better on certain systems. You can't always hear the sonic differences in cables depending on your system. We try to use the good, better, best philosophy. Every thing we assemble is a Solid performing well-made cable.

Belden 8241- Good

Belden 1505A- Better

Canare LV-61S- Better

Canare L-4CFB- Better

Belden 1506A- Much Better - The Teflon dielectric makes this a superior sounding analog audio cable.

Belden 1505F- Best - Our most flexible cable. Double Braid Shielding makes it awesome for analog audio and reducing low frequency EMI.

Belden 1694A- Best - Great for analog audio. Awesome at Reducing RFI. great for longer runs to Subwoofers. Thicker and not as flexible as RG59 cable.

Belden 1695A- Best- Same advantages of 1694A but is fire rated for in-wall use.

Q. Do you combine shipping?

A. Our shipping system is based on weight which is how USPS works. Once you proceed to the cart the system will give you shipping charges based on your zip code.

Q. Do you ship Internationally?

A. At this time we do not ship outside the Continental US. International shipping will be coming soon. If you would like international shipping please visit our eBay store and select products that ship using the Ebay global shipping program.


Q. I have never purchased from your site, Is it safe?

A. Yes. Our site is hosted by Shopify, One the largest and safest eCommerce platforms on the planet. Shopify is certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant. Your financial information is never stored by Shopify. The payment gateway communication is very carefully created to ensure that the financial data cannot be targeted by fraudsters. 

Q. Who is Complete Cable Concepts and why should I buy from you?

A. We are fairly new to the industry in terms of age. Operating since 2012 we are going into our 5th year of producing cables. Our business has grown significantly every year and we have a strong reputation on ebay with 100% positive feedback.

Q. Is soldering or crimping better?

A. the age old question. What came first, the chicken or the egg? We prefer crimping most audio and video cables. It increases pull strength and we use manufacturer proprietary tooling to complete this. Everyone has an opinion on this subject and our philosophy is that when done right both methods prove effective. We do solder thinner cable in XLR's.

Q. Condition or NOT condition? are there benefits to cable conditioning?

A. Absolutely!!! There are benefits to conditioning (Cooking) cables. Most people agree that audio/ video cables perform better once they "Settle" into a system. this is basically a way of the cable adjusting to having signal running through it. It takes about 100 hours for interconnects and 200 hours for speaker cables (This is with signal going through it) to settle into a system. Many people agree that they can hear sonic benefits and stabilization of a cable that's "settled" vs one in its "raw state". The cooker makes this happen faster so cables perform at their peak sooner.

Q. Do you condition all your cables and what do you use to condition them?

A. We only condition cables to order. It adds an additional 5 days to the ship time as they spend at least 4 1/2 days on the cooker. We use an Audioharma Anniversary Edition Hi Power 3.5 – CCGR Cable Cooker Conditioner.

Q. Can I send you my Audio/ Video, Speaker and power cables to have you condition them?

A. Yes. We do provide that service. There is a schedule of fees on the Cable Conditioning page that explains the process. The customer pays for shipping both ways.

Q. Can you "overcook" cables?

A. Yes. Cables can be overcooked and may sound "muddy" for a bit but will settle back to a normal state in a short time. You can't ruin a cable by cooking it. Only improve it.

Q. Do you make lengths over 200 feet?

A. Yes. Please email us through the contact us page and we will quote you.

Q. I have a large job I want to spec and get a quote for. Can you help?

A. Yes. We have several commercial accounts and we will work directly with you on your project. Please email us on our contact us page.

Q. Do you repair cables not sold by you?

A. We can repair most cables but there is no guarantee that all cables can be repaired. Please send us an email with your cable type, manufacturer, known damage and a picture if possible. We will respond within 24 hours.

Q. What is the difference between BNC cables and ones for cable TV?

A. BNC cables use a different connector than "RF" CATV cables. A cable going to your Digital box, satellite receiver, cable modem or  DVR will have an "F" connector on it. These cables are sold by us under the RF Cable section.