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About Us

In 2002 the vision was simple. I wanted to add cables to a new higher end audio system I was building. I also wanted to replace some dated, underperforming cables on an existing one. My search began.....
After many days and weeks of searching I was left with very limited possibilities.
Paying $150-$300 for a .5 meter audio interconnect cable was not something I was willing to do.
Paying less than that for poor quality and construction was also not a consideration because cables should be made to last.
So, I went the route of DIY. Why not? Many have gained from it and got exactly what they were looking for. The issue was with quality again and construction. The way I wanted to go was more expensive due to special tools and materials.
Complete Cable Concepts was born...
We began very small. Working with just one cable and expanded from there.
We use superior quality cable from Belden, Canare and a few others.
We use studio/ production grade terminations that come to us from Belden, Canare, ADC, Kings and others.
We assemble all cables by hand using proprietary tools and equipment specific to the manufacturer. 
We test every cable before it leaves here to make sure it meets our quality and performance standards.
We package solid and ship fast to ensure that your cables arrive to you in perfect condition quickly.
We answer every question that comes to us and make sure our customers are completely satisfied with their purchase.
In short, We want our customers to love our cables. We build superior quality cables that are built to last for a great price. From selection to price to your door. Complete!