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Cable Conditioning Service

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Cable conditioning (cooking) improves the sound quality of all forms of interconnects (including A-V and phono), speaker cabling and power cabling beyond any normal break-in cycle. Complete Cable Concepts has options for conditioning cables for new orders and also provides a service to condition your existing cables.


We Condition Speaker, power (Detachable only), RCA, XLR, Speaker, BNC, RF, SpeakON, MIDI, DIN, 1/4", S-Video, HDMI and more.

We do this using an Audioharma Anniversary Edition Cable Cooker. This unit conditions more thoroughly because the cabling is exposed to extreme signal levels and a special waveform that does not occur in normal system operation.

The Audioharma Anniversary Edition Cable Cooker has Sophisticated, high-efficiency, continuous duty circuit supplies in excess of 1 watt for interconnects and 22 watts for speaker and power cabling, in addition to a highly dynamic extended-frequency sweep (from 0 DC to over 40KHz).

Like our cables, the Audioharma Anniversary Edition Cable Cooker is Designed & manufactured in the U.S.A … built to last

Conditioning requires an additional 4-5 days before your new cables can be shipped. This is the time required on the conditioner to have your cables performing at their peak.

Pricing is below and is different based on whether your cables are made by us or if you send them to us to condition. Please note that if you are sending cables to us for cooking that you are responsible for the shipping both ways.